Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

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Been a long time did not post, so posting ga definitely important. Hehe ... The development of programming language which is arguably one inconsiderate. Cepetnya not maen .... Learning unfinished one, already out the laennya. But for me personally the language of this one was more interesting and more menanatang to learn.

To be able to lord particular programming language, of course, in addition to lots of exercise, is also supported by the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used. For the Java language, there are a lot of IDE that can be used. But one of my favorite IDE is netbeans. Really correspond with the slogan "The only IDE you need". Lots of features offered by the IDE on this one, and not only are Java are supported by netbeans, C + + and php coding can be through netbeans. Klo can not believe just try it yourself.

To learn either for beginners or for those who are advanced, will find comfort themselves with this one IDE. Tutorial is also available on the websites. Also available starter kit package that can be downloaded there as well. Yesterday was also a trip to the netbeans site and download the item (starter kit). It contained quite complete, no software is (Netbeans 6.5, JDK 1.6, et al) and, more importantly, is a suite of documentation and tutorials. With a package of goods (starter kit) is you can learn and master many things about java. Hopefully useful.

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