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What is Java?

       Java is a programming language on the same computer as its predecessor c. This programming language developed by Sun Microsystems which was developed in 1995. Originally java was created in 1991 by Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan, James Gosling and Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems and its programmers.
Uniquely java name taken from the name of the island of Java (english from Java) because James Gosling "Father of Java" like coffee brewed from Java. So we should be proud to be an Indonesian citizen.

      Java itself is an object-based programming language, that is all the aspects contained in the java object that is very easy to design, create and develop a java program quickly. This advantage makes java program into an easy to use by many people. This programming language may also be used by many operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Sun Solaris (Multiplatform).

Java advantages:
  •      Object-oriented, make it easier to design and develop programs quickly and thoroughly, sehinnga easy to use. One object-oriented programming language that is pure.
  • Similar c, Having a syntax similar to C programming language. So users c many who migrated using Java.
  • Multiplatform, Can be used in many operating systems.
  • The development of a broad, from games to mobile phone operating system using java program. For example, Sonny Ericsson Mobile and Opera Mini 3 that type. Jar (Java Archive).    

Disadvantages Java:
  • Compile Process, Require users to compile their programs before they can run, unlike the python programming language that does not need to compile it first.
  • The use of large memory, Unlike other languages, which only needs a little memory

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